Episode 97 with John Ziegler & Chip Chantry!

This week marks our first episode on SB Nation Radio!  Every week (Wednesdays from 8-9PM EST) you can hear us on SB Nation Radio and on 1360AM in Philly, South Jersey and Delaware.

That being said, we have ourselves a doozy of an episode.  Our good friend and hilarious comedian/writer Chip Chantry calls into the podcast to catch up on what’s been going on and what’s to come.  After that, documentarian, author and former radio announcer John Ziegler calls in to talk about some very controversial thoughts on the Joe Paterno/Jerry Sandusky/Penn State situation that is definitely going to peak your interest one way or another.  Whether you agree with what he’s saying or trying to or even his thought process, all we ask is that you have an open mind, because it’s pretty mind blowing.

As promised, here is the uncut full interview with sans Chip and the rest of the episode.  We’re going to post 20 to 30 minute snippets of this interview in the next three or so episodes.

Be sure to check more out at http://www.framingpaterno.com/ Follow Chip @chipchantry and of course us @cfspod on Twitter.


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