Episode 96 with Justin Willman!

justin-willmanMost known for being the host of the award winning Food Network show Cupcake Wars, Justin Willman is actually an amazingly talented magician and hilarious comedian.  Justin will be headlining Helium Comedy Club in Philadelphia this weekend starting tonight (9/29/16).

Justin tells us what it’s like to getting a standing ovation at the White House, doing magic at comedy open mics and how little of his skillset was used hosting Cupcake Wars. ┬áJustin is truly an elite level magician and very funny comedian, so I highly recommend seeing him this weekend.

Regular contributor and Philly’s Phunniest winner Shane Gillis calls in from a comedy condo in Myrtle Beach to talk about how depressed he is over Notre Dame and from there we have to cut down about 20 minutes of nonsense into five.

As always, we fill in the blanks with random references, talk about the Eagles winning the Super Bowl and Michelle Obama/George W. photos.

Next week we will likely be on terrestrial radio, but we’ll notify everyone then!

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