Episode 29 – Erikka Innes and March No-Rapness (kinda)

Episode 29 is here at last!  Podomatic, iTunes and Stitcher.  Go to www.comedyfoodsports.com for links and new articles.

The hilarious Erikka Innes call in to talk about her comedy special “Smells like Nerd Spirit”, ex-boyfriends, her video game system invention and not m

The Queen of Nerds:  Erikka Innes

The Queen of Nerds: Erikka Innes

arch madness.  For more info on Erikka go to http://www.erikkainnes.com/, follow her on Twitter @nerdgirlcomedy and check her out on Facebook here http://www.facebook.com/erikkainnes

We talk about out brackets (don’t worry we are perfect so far), hot dogs, our brackets, hot dogs, our brackets and I talk about how every Ed Reed interception is simply a punt return because they are always over thrown balls that go right into his hands.
Anyhoo, thank you for all of the support and we have some more MAJOR announcements coming up (hint: Rich Eisen again and a much bigger press pass)!!!


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