Episode 101 with Brad Williams!

Our yearly hibernation is complete!  While we were still knocking off the dust, the mighty Brad Williams bails us out with 20+ minutes of hilarity.

If you’re not familiar with Brad by name, you’ve more than likely seen him in everything from the Christopher Guest movie Mascots to the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon to his hit stand up special on Showtime aptly named Fun Size.  Robin Williams referred to his comedy as “Prozac with a head” which is about the most perfect description of his comedy.

Brad talks to us about working with Christopher Guest and Fred Willard, Shaq’s stupidity when it comes to the earth being flat, being handcuffed to Ariana Grande for a week and trying to figure where Guam is.  .

This is legitimately my favorite call-in we’ve purely based on how much fun we had talking to Brad and how absolutely seamless and easy it was along with being hilarious.

Be sure to check out Brad this weekend at Helium Comedy Club Thursday (8pm), Friday and Saturday (7:30pm & 10pm).  When you meet Brad after the show be sure to mention you heard it through the Comedy, Food, Sports podcast, because he loves to hear what brings people to his shows.

Check out his website here, @funnybrad and definitely check out his amazing podcast with Adam Ray called About Last Night (their guest list is truly unreal)

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