Episode 100 w/ Jay Larson!

They said it couldn’t be done, but we somehow got to 100 episodes!

We had a return appearance from our guest from episode 1, The CrabFeast’s Jay Larson, who will be at Helium in Philly with Ryan Sickler Wednesday November 9th on The CrabFeast Standup Tour. We talked to him about the tour, Best Bars in America, his role in the movie The Invitation, and the upcoming new season of Twin Peaks.

If you live 5-10 yards from the receiver, you can hear us on WNJC-AM 1360 (Wednesdays 8-9pm) or stream us from their website,1360radio.com. We’re on Pod-o-Matic, Sticther, iTunes, all of those. I don’t think we’re still on RadioIO because I also don’t think that’s still a thing.

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