Episode 95 w/ Adam Crist & Shane Gillis!

adamcristFirst things first, we are obviously late with this episode and we are recording episode 96 tonight.  We are getting things lined up for when we go on the radio in a couple of weeks and while that is an super lame excuse, it’s what we’re going with.

Secondly, we had such an amazing time on this episode.  The ridiculously knowledgable Adam Crist from mymmanews.com called in to talk regional MMA and gave some sage advice for Jay and I to pretend like we know what we’re talking about when around other MMA folk (*spoiler alert, Jay and I will still talk ’94 Expos instead of trying to act like we’re actual men).  Also, this year’s Philly’s Phunniest winner and CFS contributor Shane Gillis called in this week from his southeast tour!   Shane is absolutely hilarious as always and is going to give Jay’s thumbs cramps from hitting the dump button once we go onto terrestrial radio.

We fill in the gaps with sports, politics and some random food thoughts including Rex Ryan’s decision to remove is his lap band to show solidarity with his brother Rob and vegan In&Out burgers.

Plenty more news to come, but for now…enjoy!

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